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People, Places, and Dreams



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People, Places, and Dreams


Nafisah Alim, MA, LCDC III, GAMB, OCPRS-S, is a (MAT) Medically Assisted Treatment Therapist and Licensed Clinical Chemical Dependency Counselor, with a specialization in Gambling and Addiction Treatment in Military and Veteran Culture, that has been in the mental health and substance use field for over 19 years. Nafisah has advanced degrees in Psychology and Business Management and has been in Administrative Management or Director roles for numerous outpatient agencies throughout Ohio. She is passionate about preventing substance use in adolescents and education around harm reduction for young adults. She has had a first-hand view in how marijuana was the highest contributing factor when treating currently addicted individuals and has emphasized that it is a gateway drug to stronger substances. Nafisah is the Executive Director of People, Places, and Dreams, a collaborative of supportive services including Peer Support, Recovery Housing, Groups, Gambling Initiative, Marijuana Reduction Program, Parenting Classes, and Professional Development that connects the substance use and mental health community to supportive services while in ongoing treatment or therapy.

She is also the Executive Director of Bluntalk Adolescent Prevention and Harm Reduction Program, a non-profit prevention program geared to educate youth, their parents and communities about the long-term effects of marijuana use on their bodies and brains, and other negative implications. This is a comprehensive program aimed to increase prevention, educate, and support harm reduction for youth who currently smoke. Bluntalk has recently partnered with the DEA to provide community outreach and education.

“I am excited to be a part of the Nexis Wellness, where we have an opportunity to have treatment and specialty clinicians available to refer to our clients and provide our supportive services to yours, for a collaborative community”

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